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Our prices PPC: simple and affordable. Activation fee: 500 Rupees Only Advertisement Worth 2500/-. We handle launch his campaign on Google Adwords pay per click or display: seek the most interesting words, create groups, adjust bids and we set goals.

By Professionals

Our campaigns SEM and online advertising for ads on Google are made and supervised directly by Google and professionals RKINFO Digital Marketing.


We orient your pay per click campaign to achieving results, setting goals and setting it to get the maximum benefit. The keywords that will generate more revenue.

We choose the best keywords

In conducting a PPC campaign by our online marketing consultants choose the best keywords, the orient to your pages and develop the best pair ads achieve the highest odds of conversion.

We configure the analytical

We monitor will periodically conduct of the campaign pay per click adwords, making changes and adjustments depending on the data for you to earn more.

We are the only agency in the city of Leon recognized by Google as Partner and one of the few in the Northwest of Spain that has achieved this distinction

Being an official partner of Google allows us to offer the best prices, the highest quality and guarantee that your Google Adwords campaigns are carried out by accredited professionals who have passed the tests required by Google.

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