Benefits of digital marketing

Benefits of digital marketing In our days, the internet has become the medium with the best arrival to a greater number of users. The user now is extremely independent; is more informed, compares products, compares information, explores new trends and, therefore, new products and brands.

Taking this into account, what is the possibility of a brand positioning itself in a market? Could you trust a brand that you can not find in the search engine? The responsible for giving an effective solution where you can get the most out of your positioning in the network is digital marketing.

The concept of digital marketing is really broad, it covers all the advertising and commercial actions and strategies that are used in internet channels (websites, blogs, social networks, forums, etc.).

Digital marketing is based on web 2.0, where the possibility of sharing information in a simple way thanks to social networks and new information technologies, such as videos, graphics, etc., is born.

Benefits of digital marketing
Benefits of digital marketing


The Internet has become something more than just looking for information, it has evolved into a community where there are constant relationships and feedback from users from different parts of the world.

The network has become a great opportunity for the growth and diffusion of a brand, the vast majority of potential customers are surfing the internet. That is why today we mention the great benefits offered by digital marketing for your company.

Reduction of advertising costs
Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is more accessible in terms of budget compared to traditional channels (television, radio, press) that usually have a much higher investment cost. 40% of companies recognize savings by using digital marketing to promote their products and services.

In addition, the budget for a digital marketing campaign is available to any company, large, medium and small. That is why online marketing allows SMEs to be at the height of large companies. By being simpler, with better measurement of results and effectiveness.

Precise segmentation
In a digital marketing campaign, the company can segment taking into account the sociodemographic, psychological data of users, as well as their behavior on the Internet.

This allows you to make a much more personalized segmentation, for example: Depending on what the client has done or not (receive a product, open a content, click on an email, among other actions). The status: client, potential client, old client, supplier, collaborator, follower, subscriber, etc. If they have filled out a form or if they have seen a page.

Easy measurement of the return on investment (ROI)
When conducting a digital marketing campaign everything can be measured. Measuring the ROI of a traditional marketing strategy can be almost impossible. In the digital world, knowing the return on investment (ROI) is simpler and more precise compared to traditional marketing, this is because digital marketing platforms offer a large amount of statistical data and in real time, with respect to the number of clicks and results that allow tracking the client, and the campaign, in a detailed manner and reorient to maximize results.

Create a community
Internet allows you to have a personal digital experience, a direct and effective deal with your customers and potential customers, which generates greater satisfaction. The common point in this community is that they have an interest in the content we publish. The goal of marketing professionals is to transform these relationships into conversions (subscriptions or sales). All this through traditional marketing is very difficult to achieve. This also means that customers and potential customers will have at their disposal all the tools to share and publicize your company and your brand.

Arrival to a greater number of people
One of the benefits of Digital Marketing is that it is aimed at a much larger audience than traditional marketing. There are no borders in the network. A brand can be seen by people around the world thanks to online marketing. Likewise, campaigns and content can become viral in social networks, allowing the message to be shared with incredible speed.

While in traditional advertising it is about bombarding the user with advertising content, in Digital Marketing, consumers can be created, educating the user through content or online advertising campaigns.

Build trust in the brand
90% of users trust more in the opinion of other users. An opinion that can be received through digital media. To do this, the company must favor channels that speak well of your brand, as well as show your closeness to the customer, and interest in knowing your opinion and ratings about your brand and service.

Being on the web is essential if you want your brand to exist, but it is not enough just to be on the internet, it is also necessary to have an updated site, with quality content, adding value, serving your social networks and with good mailing campaigns. All this based on a strategy oriented to the results that is sought to achieve.

One step more than your competitors
Day by day, a large number of companies focus on SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media strategies; investing large amounts of money in these resources. That is why the market is becoming increasingly competitive.

On the other hand, large companies have large budget investments; but if you join highly trained professionals, there are many tools that you can use. For example, schedule Google alerts to control your competitors. There are many tools that allow you to track the products of the competition and the digital marketing strategies they carry out and, thus, you can get ahead and perfect your own brand strategy.


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