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We help you optimize resources and improve the results of email marketing, integrating it into a cross channel strategy, with a personalized service.

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Email Marketing to sell your Products

National / Foreign Email Marketing Campaigns. Advertise your products and get contacts and sales. Database, Segmentation, Design Creativity, Translation Advertising , Shipping, Report and Analysis of Results. Nowadays, companies need to look for new markets and new clients. Advertising is key to generating sales and profits. We design the email marketing campaign of your company in India and abroad, we are backed by years of experience and a broad knowledge of the idiosyncrasy of this type of advertising actions.
We help you devise and implement relational email marketing programs: welcome, cross sell, surveys, recovery of the abandoned cart, reactivation of inactive, promotional, newsletter, trigger emails and service according to events,
We design the emails and landing pages, ensuring their perfect visualization in the different mail providers, browsers and devices, as well as their usability. We apply the Responsive Design.
Whatever the email marketing tool you have contracted, we can take care of the complete process of managing a shipment. Our commitment: to execute the campaign in less than 24 hours and without any error.
We collect, treat, analyze and interpret the data available in your shipping platform and web analytics so you can develop smarter and more profitable actions.