Five Digital Marketing Strategies

Five Digital Marketing Strategies

If you want to raise sales of your business, five digital strategies that will be very useful

The five most used and best-performing digital marketing strategies in business are e-mail marketing, presence in social networks, SEO positioning, mobile optimization and visual narrative.

Email marketing

It is the strategy that works best to convert visits to a web page into customers and to increase sales of any business. And this happens because it is a way to get directly to the buyer by means of a message to your mail. Messages containing offers or launches can be sent in a personalized way according to the interests of each client.

It should be noted that we do not refer to mass messages (spam) but to messages sent to customers who want to receive them. For example, if a customer enters the website of your business and provides your email to send information about the products you offer, this makes the sale much easier. And if you personalize the messages will be much better. For example, if you launch a product targeting women whose ages range from 18 to 30, you can send an email addressed only to subscribers who fit this parameter.

To do this, you will need to include on your company website a newsletter or newsletter to which visitors can subscribe. There are several companies that offer this service, among which are: Getresponse, Mailchimp and MailRelay. It is recommended to place a box on the main page of the web so that the visitors of the site subscribe, and also put boxes on the side menus of the interior pages or through a pop up.

Subscribers can be sent emails with attractive offers and discounts, as well as news about new products that the company will put on sale. You can also spread articles that expose the benefits of products or services.

Marketing in social networks

Social networking has become the second best online marketing strategy to promote a company or product. It is advisable not to be present to register in all existing networks, but in those that best fit the profile of customers. For example, if it is a store of items most demanded by women, you can create a Facebook account, Instagram and Pinterest, which are social networks with greater participation of women. But if you sell products for a male audience it is more conducive to have profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

It is important to publish frequently about the products or services of the company, as well as content such as photos or phrases that attract the target audience. Likewise, you should interact with the fans of the page, always answering the queries formulated both in the comments and via inbox.

SEO Positioning

It is a technique that helps your website to be among the first results of search engines like Google. This is important because many netizens prefer to consult the first few pages that appear when doing their search for information.

To make your page appear to be leading the search results, several actions must be taken. One of them is to tell Google what the website is about, using keywords. Analyze the theme of your page and search for keywords related to the Google AdWords keyword planner. This is a free page where you type your main keyword, you click on “get ideas” and many other related terms will appear and the times that those words are searched on Google.

Once you have obtained your keywords, enter them in the titles of your page and the articles of the blog, as well as in the texts. So Google will recognize them and allow the website to appear in the first results, generating traffic.

If you use WordPress to manage your page or blog, it is recommended to install the plugin All in One SEO Pack, which will place a box to enter your keywords at the end of each article in your entries or pages editor. After doing this, enter your keyword so Google recognizes it on your page. This way, there will be visitors to whom your web appears in the search results.

Many people search for images. That is why it is also important to write the keywords in the images to be published.

Web design adaptable to mobile devices

More and more people use smartphones and tablets to surf the internet, communicate via email, shop online or check their social networks.

That is why it is important that your website is adapted to be viewed correctly from a cell phone or tablet, and not just on a PC. There are cases of pages that can be seen on computers but not from a cell phone because they are not adapted for it.

It is recommended that when choosing a template to install the design of your website you ensure that it is responsive to adaptive web design. Most existing templates, both free and paid, have this built-in function.

But if the case is that you have a website that does not look good from a mobile device, it is best to hire the services of a specialist who will introduce some arrangements in the site code to adapt the design to any type of screen.

Visual narrative

Videos and photographs are shared much more in networks than texts or articles. Hence the importance of using visual elements in the website of your business to generate a greater readership and eventually an increase in the number of customers and sales.

You can start with a YouTube channel, with videos about the products the company sells, about their use, their benefits, etc. If you have a little more money to invest you can hire the services of an advertising company that makes more elaborate, creative and entertaining video clips that can be viralized in Internet.

You can also post on Facebook pictures with interesting, inspiring or fun sentences to share. This will allow a greater diffusion of the company and its products. By properly combining these five digital marketing strategies it is possible to attract customers and increase sales.


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