Guide to choose the best web design company

Guide to choose the best web design company

When we decide to create a web page for our business, properly selecting a web design company can be a complicated task that should not be left aside. A web page is one of the ways we have to promote and give visibility to our company or personal brand. Therefore, in the same way, that time is lost in taking care of the appearance in detail of our physical business, we must also give the necessary importance to our image on the Internet.

Each time people are more used to consult and learn anything through the computer and especially the mobile. Moreover, many times the first contact a person has with us is through the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin … or our website.

If that person, the first image that he sees of us is not right, surely there will be little desire to know us more. They say that the first impression is the one that counts and in the information age the first impression is undoubtedly on the internet.

So after many laps, you have decided to make a web page, and here the adventure begins. The most likely thing is that at this moment you are a little lost and do not know where to start. However, I hope that with the advice I’m going to give you, it’s a little easier to choose a web design company.

Be clear about what you want and why Web design company

Before choosing whom we want to make our website with, it is essential that we know what we want and what our objectives are. It is not enough to say “I want to have a page on the internet.” The development and design of a website require a budget. Moreover, it is better than the work is well done from the ground up so that later we do not carry surprises.

If we know what we want, it will be easier to transfer our idea to the web design company, and the result will be closer to what we were looking for.

Do I need an online store? Do I want to increase clients? Alternatively, do I want the clients I already have to consult information? These are some questions that we could ask to lay the foundations of our website. The answers condition the result.

It can also help a lot to look at other pages of our guild similar to what we want, the content they have, the focus, the design. All those details are important to outline our online project.

Choose a professional Web design company

“What do you want to do a web page? Well, my cousin … he has a friend … he’s a freak with computers, and he does it for four bitches. ”

Reading like this does not give much confidence, right ?. Well, some people do. Some customers have told us on the phone that they wanted a very cheap budget and that if not, they did it with their acquaintance, “the beast of the computers.” Then, I do not know why he regrets that he is already on his third attempt at the low-cost web. Also, all he has done is throw away the money (real case).

Choose a company or professional freelance that is dedicated to this, and the result will be noticed. Eye! That as in all places, in this guild there are people who work well and real sloppiness. However, let’s continue with more advice, some common sense, so you do not fall into the trap.

Search, find out, ask for references Web design company

Once you are clear that you need a professional web developer, before choosing, search and inquiry. On the internet, you can find many companies that are dedicated to web design. Do not choose the first one you see, compare and investigate.

The first thing you should check is on your website, and in this case, there are no excuses. Do you remember what we talked about the first impression? These guys are supposed to be dedicated to this, and if your website is terrible, do not expect the one they do for you to be better.

You can also check if you have a portfolio where you see their work with other clients. Find out if you have worked with other companies in your sector.

Clear and detailed budget Web design company

How much a website can cost us should not be the question we ask ourselves. It would be more appropriate to say how much we want to invest. We have already mentioned that at the time we decided to have a page to achieve an objective and an impact on our business. Therefore, if we make good decisions, we will not be wasting money.

Depending on the money we invest we will have a web made from a pre-established template with a standard design to a custom-made design with specific functionalities.

We must make it clear what is included in the budget: If the client provides the content (writing texts, images, multimedia, etc.) or generated by the designer, if the website is developed with a CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, etc.) and includes themes or payment plugins, design revisions, etc.

This is a matter of two Web design company

It is necessarily an involvement by both parties. A website for your company must be very personal. Therefore your participation in the project is vital. He distrusts the company that does not ask for your collaboration, that he is not interested in your opinion during the project and that he does not care about what you want or need.

It will be necessary for the web design company to know what your business consists of. You must provide them with the necessary information, and the communication must be fluid at all times. The personal treatment is critical and fundamental so that the final result is a web to our liking and with personality.

Positioning strategy Web design company

This is one of the essential points: If Google does not know that you exist, neither do you exist for the rest of the world. A web is a project that stretches over time. It is not worth anything to finish your design and ignore, that means throwing money.

We return to the subject of the objectives that we had set. We want to gain relevance and visibility of our business. We have to get Google (or other search engines) to show us in searches over our competition. This is achieved by designing what is called an SEO positioning strategy (search engine optimization).

So we must ensure a collaboration that continues over time. The developer that we choose should not disappear the moment you deliver the web. Should continue to be linked and working on the content of the web to make it gain importance and positioning.

Improving SEO requires expert professionals, who will work on content and design. All this to adjust it to the requirements of Google. It is a continuous work that gives results in the medium-long term. Make sure that in the web design company they are professionals in SEO positioning or you will be throwing money away.

It is logical to assume that a good positioning strategy must have its added cost in the final budget. So it is critical to assess whether the investment will meet our objectives. Also, of course, that we will have the desired return ( ROI ).

These are the guidelines that we consider most important so that you do not go so lost. This way you will avoid being haunted when you want to make your website. Also, of course, if you need advice or answer any questions, you can write to us without problem to


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