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Joomla Training Institute Coimbatore

Some time ago, since 2007 we have been working with Joomla as one of the CMS (Web Content Manager) for our most advanced developments. For customers who do not need to use both WordPress. Joomla currently has over 4000 extensions, both GNU / GPL as “Commercial” which allows you to customize the platform to create virtual hypermarket from a social network with everything you can imagine.Joomla Training Coimbatore

Joomla Training Institute ,Training Centers,Courses Coimbatore

Our experience tells us that the more the customer knows better.

Easier is to get results for your business, and also for our course. It is for this reason that we always include in ebusiness projects requiring development of a new web presence, training in management and modification of the content and users.

We are now conducting training workshops on the Joomla platform. In 2 different levels Aimed at users “manager” that is, content managers, sections and basic functionality of the application.

As for advanced users: our franchisees own ebusiness consultants, webmasters, freelancers, etc…

If you want to develop your web presence or your clients get in touch.

Joomla Training Coimbatore

Price: 6000/-rupees only

Course Overview

HTML is a markup language for building web pages, CSS is a language used to define the presentation of a structured document written in HTML. The participant will learn how to create personalized Websites.

The virtual classroom is the environment or learning platform where students accessed the courses for which you are enrolled. Our virtual classrooms are implemented in Model, a course management system of free distribution that helps educators create online learning communities.

Joomla Training Institute Coimbatore

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