The other day we talked about what a blog. Today we have to review what WordPress is, if someone is entering the world of blogging is not yet clear.

WordPress is a publishing system elegant and well designed, programmed in PHP and MySQL. Its roots and development began in 2001 and currently is a totally stable. Special emphasis on ease of use, speed and a comfortable experience for the end user, both the writer and the reader.

WordPress is distributed under the standard license GPL and that work is necessary to have a server with support for PHP (4.2 or higher) and MySQL (3.23.xo higher).

WordPress comes with a lot of built-in features that allow us to easily develop into any type of blog. We also have many extensions that allow us to improve our blog easily and effectively.

WordPress has an easy user management with their own profiles, a very easy to install and upgrade to newer versions. All pages are generated dynamically, i.e., updating the content or design is performed as quickly as possible. In addition, you have a lot of different languages to use in your WP.

WordPress also has a large active community, which is the heart of any project of open source software. Follow web standards, is fast, light and free, with settings and features well thought out and extremely customizable core.

WordPress, in conclusion, is a good system for managing your blog. Easy and very effective for all users, whether novice or experienced. You can create your user in WordPress.com to have it stay there, but we recommend that you download it from WordPress.org and install it on your own property, whether paid or free. You can customize so much more!

Here I have spent some time sharing information about WordPress and only gave in once, and long ago, a brief explanation of what is WordPress, which means that makes it special in the world of online publishing.

I introduced it by saying that … “… A system to make these sites so popular, and both have revived the creation of personal pages known as weblogs or blogs.

Also one of the causes is the huge community of developers and designers, who are responsible for creating plugins and themes for the community.

And not a bad introduction, but WordPress is much more, and the secret of his success could be defined by its many virtues … WordPress can be installed on a computer or on a remote server.

You can create your own WordPress blog on free hosting offered by the creators of the system, which can be used as a publishing tool or even learning to “jump” to the installation on a server. You have the basic tools but cannot modify the installation or add features.

There are thousands of templates that you can install on your WordPress blog and get a professional look and developed without needing to know web design or programming.

You also have thousands of plugins that extend the features of your blog just to activate them. WordPress, despite how easy it is to install and configure, is a really powerful tool that can even be used to generate portals professionals.

You can give up to another 40 possible uses. You can integrate with other systems WordPress CMS. You have a multitude of resources on the network that you can help to have your blog about WordPress. So I think WordPress has enough good features and not to be considered a newbie, and now we can stop believing in myths and start enjoying it and master it. Here we will try to help where we can.