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Our specialty: Development and web design as

We have experienced group of professionals dedicated full time to developing web sites. Our skills cover all tasks necessary for building a website: requirements analysis, design, layout, programming and maintenance.

We also consider important aspects such as accessibility and search engine optimization. For these reasons, we are able to address the particularities of each project and achieve a final result that meets the specific requirements of each of our clients.

What are the costs to develop and maintain a website?

Basically we split into three: development, maintenance, upgrades

Development: The cost related to the construction of the website. The cost is influenced by a number of variables such as the amount and types of content publishing, technologies that are implemented, graphic, dynamic functions, etc., etc.

For example in the case of static sites with little content cost it is usually much lower than dynamic sites. They should also take into account indirect costs related to the development and photographic productions, content translation, data migration, video and sound editing, licenses, copyrights, etc. which in some cases it is necessary to carry out the construction of the website.

Maintenance: At this point we will include the cost of hosting and domain renewal. Although these costs are lower also must be taken into account in the overall image.

Updates: We can highlight three types of updates:

Techniques: Those that should be made to adapt the website to new technologies or customs to changes in users.

Structural: They are those that involve modification of the functions or the structure of the website and should only be performed by professionals. These meet new needs or objectives to meet with the website.

Content: This cost does not exist in dynamic sites and included tools so that they can perform these tasks, but in the case of static pages each change must be implemented by professionals and often have an associated cost.

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