Why is it better to be a web designer who knows how to program?

Why is it better to be a web designer who knows how to program?

Is it important for web designers to know how to program ? What are the advantages of the web designer who handles the use of codes? The term “web designer” is a subjective issue. Many believe that this person is responsible for making web designs in Photoshop, while others think he or she is responsible for making the HTML code.

In the field of web development , there are arguments and opinions about whether a web designer should know how to code or whether this person should simply focus on their art by creating quality web designs.

Everyone has their opinion about it and there are probably a million different scenarios and experiences that could make every theory or opinion valid.

It usually happens that when you start in web design, you really do not know how to code. You have no idea about HTML or CSS . All you know is to create web page structures and align elements in Photoshop . Then, one realizes: the curiosity becomes stronger, because you start to see and read many articles and blogs written on how to really get the mastery of programming. You start wondering how these cool guys made these beautiful web pages.

You sit in front of the computer and start looking for tutorials to start working on programming web pages. To the disappointment of many, most of the articles found initially offer only basic knowledge, such as the use of H1, H2, links, etc. In many cases, the ideal is to find a person who trains you in this matter and turns you into, at least, a novice web designer. It is all that many need to start.

This is an experience that serves as an example. Yours may resemble or be totally different. But we have to admit that what you do not know takes you back to the learning stage.

scared web designer What prevents designers from learning to program?

Before delving into the reasons why web designers should learn to code, let’s first see what are the reasons why some web designers just want to focus on design. Below are the main reasons that prevent a web designer from learning to program.

1. Enjoy graphics more than codes. Some web designers tend to focus on their artwork and illustrations and, for example, show more passion in the creative aspect of the web page. They love creating stunning web designs by selecting the right fonts, color, images and icons, but they do not want to deal with the coding aspect to make their graphics live and real.

2. There is no time to go through the learning process. Several web designers find it difficult to learn coding, while others can not keep up with a rapid pace of development. They think that if they spend time learning about coding, it could mean risking time that they should invest in keeping up with trends on design concepts. They believe that their creative abilities will not be improved with it.

3. They think it is difficult. Some web designers think they will fail in the attempt and therefore are afraid to try. Learning to code is a process similar to that of plants, it requires time to flower.

learn-programming Why should web designers learn to program?

Now that we know what makes it difficult for a web designer to learn coding, let’s dig into the fundamental reasons why a web designer should learn to program.

1. Flexibility of functions for each project. If a designer knows how to code, he can easily switch roles with a web developer. Developers can be web designers too and if a web designer knows how to code, they can swap jobs. Thus, both are making the creation process more flexible and efficient.

2. Fast and efficient delivery of projects. It would be much faster to finish a project if a web designer knows how to encode it . For example, when a web designer creates a mockup in Photoshop, you can easily cut the images and the marking code. The web developer can then focus more on the more complex issues.

3. Effective technical communication. If a designer knows how to code, you can easily interact with the web developer and talk about the codes. In that case, the designer will be able to help developers with minor bug fixes and updates on codes page. This will make the computer more efficient, saving more time, therefore, the delivery of the projects will be on time.

4. It is not a space science, it can be learned. When one begins to learn to program, one thinks that one has not been born for it. But later, it starts to look interesting and you start to enjoy it. Learning to code is not really easy, but it is not that difficult either. Everyone can learn.

5. The key to the next level. When you are learning to code, you will begin to think logically. This leads to learning languages ​​and more coding techniques, since you have a first base in this field. Over time, you will learn and gain the skills that the web developer possesses.

Curiosity: the key to learning

By sharing experiences, many designers indicate that everything begins when curiosity about how to program is born. Being curious makes you look for ways to help you learn. Walt Disney once said: “If you’re curious, you’ll find a lot of interesting things to do”, that’s the key.

The power of curiosity makes everything more enjoyable to learn. Start being curious before it’s too late.


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