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Frequently asked questions from our customers

A real digital marketing agency will understand the potential of the client. Outlining effective strategies, according to the brand’s objective at a given moment in its journey: brand, lead capture or conversion.

The value of an agency’s work should be measured by project or monthly fee. The variation stems from objectives and demands for certain professionals. For example, will there be video production, social media management, marketing automation, SEO? At what level of coverage? It all depends on the “size” of the goal.

First, you need to define your company’s purpose. Do you want more customers, increase the average ticket, increase brand awareness? Defining this first question, it is necessary to look for agencies that understand the universe of digital marketing as a whole, but that make their specialties clear. For those who say they are good at everything will hardly do their work perfectly. Look for at least three different opinions and choose the one that makes the most sense with your brand objective and budget.

By no means, each agency has its specialty and level of experience.

Internalizing the marketing process as a whole is the same as making your own shoes, you’ll even leave the house, but you probably won’t get far until the first puncture. The details and experience in marketing management enable solidity and constancy in the strategies. However, having an in-house professional to mediate the agency is important for smooth communication.

How to do marketing?

The best marketing strategy is the one that fits your business, according to your objective. There is no standard when we talk about marketing. First, you need to understand what your consumer’s journey is, which channels he accesses, how he searches and where he goes digitally. Only then will it be possible to design the most effective strategy, with knowledge and technique in each tool.

It all depends on the volume of return you expect to get. A self-respecting digital marketing agency will use strategies that save time and money. Giving the correct weight to the importance of each channel in your business, distributing investment with insight and constantly evaluating KPI’s or metrics.

There is only one way to appear in Google’s organic results, through a well-done SEO job. Which involves creating structured content and website, according to Google guidelines that are more than 200 with daily changes.

But before starting any SEO work, it is necessary to know very well how your company’s potential customer arrives at your product. After this understanding, create a complex project and divide it into steps so that Google’s search robots start to recognize your site and content, assigning it authority, as analyzed based on these metrics on an ongoing basis. That is, the result is variable.