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It is already a consensus that the use of digital solutions has become fundamental in everyone’s daily lives, including their application in the corporate world.

Marketing tools are essential to leverage a company’s sales . While traditional physical advertising, now known as offline, has a limited range of results, digital solutions come as an effective alternative to them.

The introduction of digital solutions made it possible to transform the approach with consumers, as the identification of the target audience became much more precise. Currently, measurement tools make it possible to assess, in a simple way, whether the approach is actually being effective.

To resume, in the last two posts of the series “How does it work?”, we talked about how to define a digital marketing strategy? and how to increase sales with digital marketing? – key objectives to obtain good results. Now, let’s talk about the digital tools that your business can use, in practice, to achieve these key objectives in a concrete way.

However, there are several principles, structures, resources and terminologies that allow the correct functioning of digital tools. In this article, we will address a series of these solutions that can increase your results through digital. Keep reading!

Google Platform

Google is known as the biggest search engine on the planet. Famous, including for always remaining accessible, updated and available to fixed and mobile devices of the most varied types.

However, this tool is more than just a powerful search engine, troubleshooting, advertising and email.

The platform has become something much bigger and offers a huge variety of tools and services, with a lot of internal interconnectivity and great possibilities of use for different purposes. One of the possibilities most sought after by companies is to increase their customer base through digital marketing.

This same platform allows internal processes to be reviewed and improved, as they clearly identify the bottlenecks or tasks that end up impacting the final result of the sale. Thus, it is possible to make quick corrections to benefit your own business, even before generating major losses.

Below, we highlight some of Google’s tools, which enable effective differentials to companies’ commercial strategies, in order to achieve increasingly expressive results:


It makes it possible to analyze websites and applications, in order to monitor consumer behavior and their areas of interest, to direct campaigns, identifying data from access to your website.

My business

Provides the inclusion of information about your company for consumer access. Thus, in one place, it is possible to find the address, telephone number, website and even reviews from other customers who have already interacted with your brand.

Search Console

Tool used to monitor the performance of your website in Google search results. This way, you can review content and SEO strategies to yield better results.


Allows companies to advertise online, to be featured on partner sites or in Google search results. This includes campaigns on the Search, Display, Shop, Videos, and so on.


Tool used to create questionnaires and collect information directly from consumers. Thus, it becomes simple and feasible to carry out quick market research, which can be essential in your sales strategies.


This is a fantastic tool that helps you find out which topics, keywords and subjects are the most searched at the moment. That way, you understand which trends your target audience is engaged in, before forming your strategies.


Tool that serves to monitor the competition. It sends emails when new results on a desired topic appear on Google Search.

Social Media Platform

These platforms facilitate communication and especially social connections. Therefore, they are very important for the relationship between companies and consumers today.

Keeping accounts on social networks and being active in them is a fundamental differential for a company to stand out in the market.

Therefore, to convince you, here are some data from the main social networks:

  • Facebook with more than two billion users is the largest social network on the planet. Always up-to-date, it has enormous power to engage its participants and bring people together from all over the world. This brings numerous business opportunities.
  • Instagram , with more than 800 million users, continues to show annual growth. Thanks to the ease of posting photos and stories, it is considered the largest visual content network on the internet. There are great possibilities for brand awareness and management for companies on Instagram.
  • LinkedIn is the largest corporate social network on the internet, with over 500 million members. Highly effective for professionals and companies to create networking, in addition to seeking business opportunities. Excellent tool for promoting the brand and selecting collaborators.
  • YouTube , with more than 1.3 billion participants, is present in the daily lives of people of all ages. Enables mass dissemination of videos, an excellent way to stay in the spotlight. Here, your creativity in videos is unlimited.
  • Twitter with more than 330 million users, is also considered a giant of social networks. Important to bring companies and consumers closer together, with short and direct posts. Allows you to maintain brand positioning in an ever-present and intimate way.
  • Pinterest with more than 175 million users, allows the consumer to know your brand. Defining adequate SEO strategies makes all the difference on this platform.

Website Solutions

All projects and web solutions are means of communication that make it possible to interact with users in their own territory . On your website, you present your company, sell your product, create forms, update your own blog, and many other possibilities. Everything is built to reach the target audience more directly, making them feel at home, safe to explore what you have to offer.

Next, we’ll introduce some types of sites you need to know about!

  • Web site

This is a project that proposes to present in more detail the products and services of a company and data about the brand. Contains institutional information and contact details. Therefore, it must be understood as the brand’s home for the public.

  • Ecommerce

A project that delivers a virtual store, designed for customers to easily navigate through products, set up a shopping cart, close orders and track the shipment to the requested delivery destination. A good ecommerce should act as a facilitator for the consumer to complete a purchase.

  • landing page

It is the visitor’s ‘landing page’, that is, the page on which, when attracting a possible new customer, it should serve as a letter of introduction to the product, service or brand. For this reason, your message should be persuasive and friendly, so that the consumer is interested in following his journey of knowledge and purchases.

On this page, you can understand your products and offers, to boost the customer’s decision. Basically it can be understood as the way to understand your promotions and awaken interest.

  • Hotsite

Here there is already a greater depth of information about the desired product and, possibly, the identification of some other product that arouses your attention. Allows you to simulate a purchase and generate interest.

  • Portal

This is the project that covers all the previous information and data, however, housing them in a structured and centralized way in one place, specialized information.

Blog Solutions

Companies must act intensely on social networks, with digital tools to remain competitive and influential. However, acting in aspects closer to consumers is possible, through content. With that, maintaining a blog is one of the best ways to gain rapprochement with your audience.

Thus, this communication resource has a more aligned purpose between the company and its customers. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the relationship between the parties.

However, we need to consider when a blog is good and when it is not. Understand:

Identifying a blog that generates value:

  • It is easily updated and maintained without major complications.
  • It offers content with quality and relevance, delivering something of value to the public.
  • Build brand credibility with original posts that build on a theme.
  • It demonstrates the vision and principles of the company with the consumer.
  • Optimizes content to improve the company’s ranking on search engines.
  • It receives important evaluations and feedback to improve its processes and service.
  • Facilitates contacts by customers and those interested in the brand.

Identifying a blog that does NOT generate value:

  • Does not update content frequently, causes a lack of interest in brand news.
  • It does not work on content that brings quality and relevant information, driving the consumer away.
  • It produces content without a strategy, forcing keywords, which impairs SEO performance.

Email Automation Solutions

Despite many doubting it, emails are still an excellent way to promote brands . However, for them to be efficient, it is important to have email marketing automation solutions.

So that each step of the strategy can be successful, there are tools that allow you to carry out this function correctly, such as:

MailChimp – free platform, but also offers paid plans, being very friendly to work with and for those who want to start email campaigns. It allows the creation of personalized lists, campaign segmentation, easy-to-use templates and even adaptation to your needs. It has integration with Google Analytics.

Mautic – makes it easy to maintain email campaigns, landing pages or social media, all in an automated way. Allows lead tracking and integration with company information systems such as CRM, updating the customer and contact base.

Akna – is a tool with SMS sending features, consumer behavior segmentation, works with a predictive tool with an algorithm that customizes the sending of offers according to the customer profile. It presents limitations regarding ecommerce resources that prevent a broader performance of this tool.

Locaweb – makes it possible to register contacts, develop campaigns, manage results, being indicated for those who want simpler and easier solutions. It has several features to attract consumers directly and closely.

e-Goi – with resources for lead generation, communication through integrated means and cart abandonment recovery tool. It allows the creation of campaigns and newsletters, available on any mobile device, serving any size of company.

Web Optimization (SEO)

One of the digital marketing strategies is to find a prominent positioning of the brand in search engines . For this to happen, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective solutions.

To get good rankings, it is important to work with SEO using two different strategies that highlight the brand:

On-Page SEO

They are resources that allow the improvement of the presentation and disposition of information in the web pages . In this way, making the contents more attractive, with titles that attract attention, clearer data and a structure more suited to external perception, through the use of keywords that position the posts well in search engines.

Meta descriptions, or content summaries, can also be guided by On-Page SEO parameters. After all, that’s what appears written just below each of the search engine responses, to attract the customer’s attention.

On-Page SEO also serves to work on improvements to electronic addresses, that is, URLs, in order to make them simpler and more attractive.

Other resources can be included in this strategy to optimize access for robots to work with greater visibility to their contents.

Off Page SEO

In short, it is everything that has an impact on digital access to your company . For example: security, page load time in the browser, structure of internal and external links, among others, fit into this SEO strategy.

This resource is complementary to the previous one, because if one does not work properly, it will in fact impact on the other, and problems will occur. Thus, the main objective of this resource is to provide external link partnerships so that your page can generate more traffic and increase visibility in digital search engines.

SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page resources are very complex digital marketing techniques that require constant maintenance and monitoring. Therefore, they should only be applied by qualified professionals.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing is a concept that involves content techniques and automation tools , so that consumers identify your brand and can do business with your company.

Through actions implemented via digital marketing, it is possible to devise strategies that arouse the interest of the public in following your website or blog, to learn about possible solutions, understand how to solve certain problems, in short, contribute to providing them with information. With this, increasing your audience steadily and with engagement.

The work developed by Inbound Marketing encompasses three actions: content marketing, SEO and social media, which generate benefits such as:

  • More than half of the deals closed by digital marketing come from this tool;
  • Strategies of this type result in an ROI (Return on Investment) of 275%; and
  • The investment cost in Inbound Marketing is 62% lower than in Outbound Marketing.
  • In order to achieve ever better results, it is important that each of the pillars that make Inbound Marketing action possible is properly worked on, with the aim of meeting established business growth goals.

In this context, Content Marketing must work with quality information that attracts the consumer’s attention. In this way, well-executed SEO techniques will allow the company to stand out among the search engines.

In addition, interactions on social media can be well targeted, maintaining a positive relationship between the company and its audience.

Outbound Marketing Strategy

Outbound Marketing – or Interruption Marketing – focuses its efforts on reaching a wide range of potential consumers. It defines a target audience related to your business, with the aim of assertively exposing your brand.

Although it is changing, there is a portion of the consumer public that remains more loyal to physical advertisements and that is seduced by dissemination in traditional media such as newspapers, radio and TV.

Advancing even further into the digital world, there are Outbound Marketing techniques that focus on segmenting and reaching e-mail bases , using automated workflow tools, in processes of attraction, nutrition and interest generation.

In this way, combining actions from both types of action is ideal to leverage your sales, depending on your segment of activity.

Here are the main Outbound Marketing strategies that can be adopted in your business:

  • Carry out campaigns at large events, in places with a large movement of people, sponsoring sports teams, etc.
  • Advertisements on YouTube, Facebook, online newspapers and TV channels.
  • Adopt surveys and evaluate consumer behavior by increasing or not sales, to adjust brand awareness.
  • Automate active prospecting for new leads via email, for sales.
  • It should be noted that Outbound Marketing requires greater investment because it works with physical brand disclosures and requires greater dissemination with people resources and printed material. And this can be a big disadvantage for the entrepreneur who is just starting out. Therefore, digital marketing is a smarter form of investment, with a better return.

Solutions in Videos, E-books and Rich Materials

Inbound Marketing uses all the digital resources available to arouse the consumer’s interest in accompanying and, preferably, building loyalty to your brand, when deciding to purchase.

The contents used to achieve this objective are called Rich Materials, as they seek to capture the consumer’s attention and help them advance in the sales funnel, until they become a loyal customer of the brand.

Thus, there are some strategies and means of disseminating this concept:

  • Videos – serve to deepen branding, explain about a service or product and also generate interest in its acquisition. Excellent tools to request data from consumers and maintain a more consistent attraction of the public, to expand your customer base.
  • E-books – used to attract the customer to some clarification on matters of more general interest. They are basically intended to obtain contact data from consumers, for future approaches.
  • Infographics – aim to inform the consumer about data and clarification of subjects sought by consumers. In this case, it is also related to obtaining consumer data to enable future campaigns.
  • Podcasts – aim to consolidate the brand with the consumer. They can be used as a way of periodically disclosing information of interest to the consumer, with the request of their data for contacts.
  • Webinars – used as a way of getting closer to the public using online presentations on scheduled dates and with event alerts, in order to allow the participation of the largest number of people.

Webinar Solutions

The main objective of a webinar is to keep the consumer in contact with a brand , in an interactive and innovative way to enable the acquisition of new customers.

The term in English, webinar, is the combination of two words: web + seminar. Simply put, it’s a webinar, without the need for physical facilities. Thus, it expands the reach of your information to an unlimited number of people, who can watch it from wherever they wish.

This strategy allows for a closer relationship between the company and consumers, in addition to being able to generate a great impact on the conversion of leads for your company.

This feature is widely used for B2B businesses, as it is excellent for attracting customers and important partnerships for companies.

There are several platforms that allow you to hold webinars, among these alternatives we can mention:

  • Google Hangouts;
  • Facebook;
  • YouTube;
  • WebinarJam;
  • Twitch etc.

The main factor for the success of this type of action is the planning and organization of the event, establishing with great criteria:

  • The date of realization;
  • The theme;
  • Disclosure;
  • Taking care of the transmission infrastructure;
  • The creation of a presentation material with videos and details that feed interest on the subject;
  • Availability of the interaction of the participants with elaboration of doubts and answers.

Don’t forget to follow the results of the event with the evaluation of returns and general repercussions.

Finally, be sure to make the presentation available on YouTube for later access and that it continues to generate traffic, thus increasing its visibility.

Digital Solutions for Marketing Automation

Digital marketing campaigns differ from traditional models because they promote a business without borders and with the possibility of awakening the interest of different types of consumers around the world.

However, for them to be successful and reach the target audience, it is necessary to use suitable automation platforms. Thus, it is possible to obtain the best results for your business.

Below we describe the main marketing automation platforms that can be used today:

RD Station

Allows evaluation of leads directed to interests and individual profiles, with the possibility of managing landing page, SEO, social media and blogs.

It automatically performs, among other functions:

  • Scheduling the sending of emails with offers, reminders of specific dates, etc.;
  • Updates on social networks; and
  • Feeding of nutrition streams.


Works with sending internal notifications, customizing pages to meet visitor preferences. Thus, it performs the controls of:

  • Lead follow-ups;
  • Metric analysis already defined; and
  • Control of dissemination of messages on social networks.

Get Response

It makes it possible to manage campaigns with sending opportunities to contacts at the best possible time, performs follow-ups of responses and stratification of messages sent by segments.

It processes, among other functionalities, the following actions:

  • Sending Newsletters;
  • Automated emails for behaviors in the shopping journey; and
  • Lead tracking.


Its purpose is, in addition to automating marketing, to exercise sales management. Thus, Lahar creates strategies to attract new customers to its base.

It features the following features:

  • Content optimization;
  • Provides data analysis intelligence; and
  • Search for the best keywords.
  • Between others.


Destined to improve the marketing performance with actions that help to reach more effective leads for the business, with the creation of personas and dynamism in the generation of emails.

You can offer, for example:

  • Own CRM;
  • Measurement of online and offline campaigns; and
  • Integration with Google AdWords.


It has several functionalities that accompany and allow the evaluation of improvements in sales processes.

Allows the following features, among others:

  • Provision of advanced analysis reports;
  • Allows creation of integrated forms; and
  • Email segmentation.


With total focus on strengthening the relationship between customer and brand, this is a platform for those who want to increase their e-commerce sales.

It has very interesting functions:

  • Integration with digital payment tools;
  • Allows you to host unlimited domains; and
  • Create custom pages.


It offers excellent automation tools with campaign creation, landing pages and social media management.

Among other features, it allows:

  • Follow-up of the sales funnel;
  • Perform A/B tests; and
  • Process scheduling of publications.

Outbound Marketing Platforms

Customer prospecting using outbound strategies has gained digital momentum to be targeted, with greater security, at consumers who may be interested in closing deals with the company.

Currently, it is possible to use platforms that help the sales area to carry out more effective and structured actions to publicize a brand to consumers.

Some of these solutions are:


This platform works on customer engagement with your brand and develops their interest in moving forward in the shopping journey. Thus, it uses some tools that help to outline strategies for approaching customers, such as:

  • Automation of sending emails; and
  • Possibility to manage sales actions.


Allows prospecting for customers using LinkedIn, being an excellent tool to control and search for customers with greater targeting.

Its proposal is to act in the identification of company contacts that may be key people for sending e-mails. This is because these are the people who have greater decision-making power over purchases. In addition, the platform offers several tools that help sales actions, such as:

  • Automation of sending emails; and
  • Keeps a history of contacts made.

Exact Sales

A platform to have control over the sales funnel and be able to properly qualify leads. For this, it has several tools that improve the approaches to the customer public very efficiently. Thus, we can mention the following:

  • Reduction of negotiation time;
  • Comparison and market research in real time; and
  • Evaluation of factors that influence purchases by customers.


Platform that allows you to improve the process of identifying conversion opportunities based on market behavior. Therefore, it allows you to carry out varied strategies with faster return through tools such as:

  • Automation of the commercial process; and
  • Use of market intelligence to obtain results with more confidence.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Technology has developed BI and AI solutions applicable by companies to improve the management and strategy of their businesses.

Thus, through these tools that work with machine learning, it becomes possible to decide based on data as to the best strategies to adopt to increase companies’ sales.

Sales areas no longer need to work with inferences and subjective evaluations. Because now they can analyze real data, refined by the resources that these technologies make possible.

These concepts allow generating insights and working on them to obtain effective business for companies. In addition to achieving, thus, that they stand out against the competition.

What did you think of knowing a little more about some of the main digital solutions on the market? Tell me below in the comments.

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