How to Choose a Digital Marketing Company for Your Goals

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Company for Your Goals

Finding a serious and reliable digital partner, capable of managing and competently solving the online marketing needs of a brand, is not as simple as it seems. The digital marketing agency that the client resorts to will be a determining factor in achieving their objectives and increasing the ROI of their business. That is why it is necessary to filter.

Perhaps, the future elector has experience in digital marketing, but does not have enough time to manage your website and create all the quality content that is required. Then turning to an agency would be a good decision, but before that there are several factors that should be considered.

  1. Determine objectives and budget

Knowing the “why” of a digital marketing agency is not only important for the person who will hire it but also for the other party. The potential consumer should communicate what his business objectives are and how he intends to measure the performance of those purposes. Defining this point will allow, on the one hand, to discover which agency offers the services to meet the established needs .

For example:

Creation of landing pages.
Web Analytics.
Content on demand in Spanish and English.
Web development.
Re-marketing and advertising.
SEM audit.
Administration of social networks ,

In addition, by sharing the objectives with the agency, it will achieve a greater understanding of the problems or requirements of the contractor and will have the tools to propose a personalized and efficient action plan.

And what needs could a client have?

Improve the search ranking of your company.
Create an Inbound Marketing strategy aligned with the profile of the Person Buyer.
Optimize the design and functionality of the website or e-commerce.
Get data from your consumers and analyze the metrics.
Develop Email Marketing campaigns.
Generate quality content is in tune with the Buyer’s Journey, etcetera.
The budget factor is also very important. The person must manage what is the amount he can and will spend on digital services. The investment must be reasonable and consistent with the expectations created . Even carrying out a market analysis could give you an idea of ​​what the parameters are in the charge for each activity. Although, obviously, that data will vary according to the agency and how complex is what each client requires.

  1. Search for references and verify your success stories

Before signing a business commitment you have to know who you are hiring. It is very important to follow up to avoid cheating, displeasure and loss of resources. That is why it is also necessary to study the market to find out what its members are, what they do and how they work.

There are many features that can be monitored. For example:

How long have they been working? It is not the same too close a deal with a company that has a wide experience versus another that is just learning on the fly.
Do you have a team with specialized professionals? In what areas? How many people work?
With what other brands do they work and have they worked? Are they relevant in the market?
Are there complaints about your services or compliance?
What do your customers say? What is the level of satisfaction? Are they natural promoters of those agencies?
What kind of campaigns or projects have you developed?
Do they have success stories? What? How many? How often do they repeat themselves?
Will they have the time needed to devote to a new client?
Checking the accuracy of online and offline comments, conversing with old and current clients, monitoring statistics, and testing their influence in the industry are some how will help avoid the selection of unreliable and unprofessional agencies.

  1. Check the quality of your website and social networks

Logically, the online image is part of the presentation letter of any digital marketing agency. It is the environment in which it is supposed to be specialized, therefore, its website and social profiles must stand out and become a positive reference .

There are several elements necessary to observe and test:

How is the design of your website? Is it responsive?
Does your URL have HTTPS protocol?
What inspires or projects your image? Is it serious, reliable, original, attractive?
Is it possible to navigate comfortably and quickly through the site?
How long does it take to load in full?
Does it include all the information? For example, “who we are”, address, mail and telephone contact, the services offered.
Is there a subscription form?
Are there links to your social networks?
Do you have a blog?
Are your content well positioned in the SERP?
What kind of content does it develop and in what formats? Are they quality? Are they published regularly?
Do you create downloadable items? For example, ebooks.
What do you share in your social networks? Is it responsible for posting differentiated content for each platform? How often do you publish? Do you deliver attractive messages?
How many followers do you have? Do you keep feedback with them?
What tone do you use? Is it friendly, close?

  1. See how you run your business

Do you practice what you promise? It is important to get that answer before choosing an agency. The results got from the previous point also evaluate what she can do for her client. Because, for example, if the content is on demand among its services, but the one it delivers on your blog does not meet quality standards, it is better to look for another alternative.

In addition, another factor that should be paid attention is the price charged. If it is too low, although it may seem like fantastic news for whoever hires it, it could happen that the quality of the service is poor. It is not about agreeing to pay an exorbitant amount, but about looking for a company that values ​​your work and transmits confidence .

Finally, the technical element. What tools or technologies do you handle? For example:

What do you use in web development?
What do you used to analyze data?
How do you control automation?
With what generates visual content?

  1. Test the interest displayed by the client

Communication is a relevant indicator. A good agency will allocate time to meet your client, will land your project explaining what is possible and what is not, will ask you all the questions to have a broader vision of your needs and problems, offer solutions and be willing to resolve doubts of the eventual contractor.

The agency-client relationship is like a partnership, both parties have responsibilities. While the latter must fulfill its commitments, inspect results and communicate frequently; The digital company must:

Make sure that the client understands the work that will be done, in what period it will be executed, the reason for each activity and the possible difficulties that could be faced.
Keep the client informed about the progress and what is being done.
Keep a regular and fluid feedback.
Act correctly and honestly.

A digital marketing agency perfect for one client, will not be for another. The “best” or “correct” rating is subject to many factors and characteristics. But there is an element that should be present in any good agency, and is the commitment to take the product or project of your client as if it were their own, not to create false expectations and to accompany them before, during and after the process, until making sure that the goal was successfully fulfilled.

In this way, the client will feel that his time and budget were invested correctly, and that he discovered a digital partner that will not only highlight quality content, but is also reliable and professional enough to hire his services in a Next Opportunity.


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