SEO is a set of techniques and best practices that help businesses stand out online. That is, it is possible to achieve better placements on the results pages and get the attention of the ideal customer. With this, SEO contributes to increased conversions and sales.


Optimization for Search Engines or Search Engine Optimization

It corresponds to the optimization of the website so that your company is easily found in Google’s organic results, that is, the non-paid ones, by those looking for your products or services. The closer you are to the top of results, the closer you are to closing deals.


SEO is a combination of science and art. It is fundamental that it is accompanied by an online Marketing strategy that provides the bases for the technical construction, the code and structure, and the content of the site. Therefore, before starting to work on SEO, we analyze the professional activity in which your company operates, the products and services and your target audience.


If your company’s website does not work properly or has poor usability, Google will not include it in the results. Our technical and in-depth analysis ensures that your company’s website works properly. From a technical point of view there may be changes in the original code and mechanics.


When it comes to SEO, content is king. If your company’s website doesn’t have relevant content, don’t expect it to show up in Google’s search results. In addition to having a content creation team, Abia Digital analyzes existing content, ensuring that each page of your website presents content that is relevant to Google and your target audience.


Off-Site SEO or Off-Page SEO are actions outside your website environment that allow you to optimize organic positioning. This optimization involves improving the popularity, relevance, trust and authority of your website before the Google search engine.


Local SEO involves the optimization of companies with local expression, that is, that intend to reach a target public in a certain location. SEO E-Commerce is developed for companies that want to improve the positioning of their products or services online. Mobile SEO for Cell Phones fits in businesses that only communicate on mobile or that have mobile as their most important communication channel.


Use AI to predict customer intent on your search queries for each stage of the funnel. Understand what customers want to do on your website and help them achieve it!

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